Dear Tumblr, this is hard to write, but…

I’m leaving you.

It’s not you, it’s… well, actually, it IS you.

When we first met, I fell so hard for your beautiful themes and elegantly simple user interface. You were so hip, so pretty, so easy.You even had an API.

We had a great summer and fall together.

But then, things started to turn. First, I tried to put some basic HTML tables in post. That didn’t go so well. I had to switch to all HTML input. I got tired of typing in


in my regular posts just so I could format data into tables.

Then, I tried to embed a visualization from Tableau Public. No go. The best you could do was a linked image.

Tonight, the final straw. I tried to embed a PDF from Scribd. You couldn’t do that, either. I searched everywhere for help, but nothing.

You are so unresponsive when I have a problem.

So, Tumblr, I”m sorry. We need a break. And yes, there is someone else now. You drove me to WordPress.

Call me sometime there a

I know you’ll do okay without me.

(P.S. I taking all my old posts with me, even the Chihuahuas. I’ll send someone by to pick them up when you’re not home.)


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