A Few Tasteful Snaps has moved (again)

It took a while, but my masters at the Ottawa Citizen have realized that my continued blogging on a self-hosted WordPress site with zero advertising was not a particularly effective revenue generator for our news organization.

So, effective immediately, A Few Tasteful Snaps is now hosted by the people who write my paycheques at… http://blogs.ottawacitizen.com/author/glenmcgregor/

The look is a bit different but, owing to WordPress’s excellent XML export feature, I’ve managed to port all the older posts from here, comments and all, including the hundreds of vitriolic rants by angry firearms enthusiasts. I’ve left the black and white unshaven photo in place so as not to disorient readers.

Thanks, 1and1.com, for excellent WP hosting. But it’s time to pay some bills.

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