My patriotic decal is bigger than yours

Slap one on your car bumper, if you like. Put it on city police cars and ambulances, if you think it’s necessary. You can even drape a giant one in the arrivals area of your international airport.

But, really, do we need to plaster oversized “Support Our Troops” decals on the Parliament Buildings, too?

I spotted these in the first-floor windows of the Confederation Building this morning. (I’m just back from a month-long holiday and they may have been there a while, so forgive me if I’m late to this.)

The decal on the left is an a window that appears to be the office of Ottawa-Orleans Conservative MP Royal Galipeau.

The other one is in the window of another Galipeau office, or his neighbour, the Honourable Member for Las Vegas – the Islands, New Democrat Ruth Ellen Brousseau. I couldn’t tell because all the offices in that corridor were closed this morning.

Now, Support Our Troops has become such a mantra in the current political climate that no one dares question the sentiment. But should the buildings that house our government be turned into billboard to trumpet a message, no matter how widely supported?

How would we feel about a giant AIDS ribbon hanging from a window? Or what if Conservative Rob Anders dangled his “Free Tibet” t-shirt from his office window, instead of wearing in front of Chinese officials?

One thought on “My patriotic decal is bigger than yours

  1. Why is there no giant Canadian flag in his window? Is Galipeau anti-Canada? Someone should ask these kinds of important questions. I’m surprised there’s no office rule banning personal crap in windows…

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