Where the money went in Tony Clement’s riding

When I was writing about Economic Action Plan last year, I regularly scraped the actionplan.gc.ca website for a list of projects in Tony Clement’s riding of Parry Sound – Muskoka.

I haven’t done so since last fall, so these are a bit out of date, but are unlikely to have changed much since then, as the program was close to wrapping up.

But with today’s story about Auditor-General’s draft reporter alleging possible malfeasance in the distribution of federal money in the riding, worth a second look:

[googlemaps http://www.google.com/fusiontables/embedviz?viz=MAP&q=select+col0%2C+col1%2C+col2%2C+col3%2C+col4%2C+col5%2C+col6%2C+col7+from+686411+&h=false&lat=48.288675734823855&lng=-77.9315185546875&z=9&t=1&l=col7″>http://www.google.com/fusiontables/embedviz?viz=MAP&q=select+col0%2C+col1%2C+col2%2C+col3%2C+col4%2C+col5%2C+col6%2C+col7+from+686411+&h=false&lat=48.288675734823855&lng=-77.9315185546875&z=9&t=1&l=col7]

One thought on “Where the money went in Tony Clement’s riding

  1. I was watching the CBC the other night when they panned the gazebo built in Tony Clement’s riding. It had a large Canada Action plan sign. We now learn yhat the gazebo was built with funds diverted from the Border Security budget, so why the signage for a CAP. If there were funds in the CAP for the gazebo, then who got the ‘Border Security’ funds and if there weren’t funds in the CAP for said item, why does it carry false CAP advertising?

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