Scambaiting explained

Just to follow my previous post on the chihuahuas…

I am but a complete novice in the art of scam baiting compared to the folks at

Scam baiting is the art and science of engaging Internet scammers in lengthy email exchanges. The website title is drawn from the section of Nigerian criminal code used to prosecute these electronic frauds.

The trophy the scam baiters often seek is a photo of their mark holding up a sign they have been convinced will help seal the deal they peddle.

The photos typically have puerile but hilarious puns written on them.  For a full archive, check out the Trophy Room on 419eater.

(Not entirely safe for at-work viewer, depending on how Tightly Klenching Micheeks your boss is.)

Most of the scammers pictured are African, of course, and their poverty and pathos is evident in the photographs. But 419eater makes it clear that it does not tolerate racism or target Africans in particular. These people are criminals — and potentially dangerous once — who abuse the trust of others, the site notes.

In particular, check out the work of Shiver Mitimbers, the Michael Jordan of scam baiting.

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