That other Xinhua email

Another email sent out from Xinhua reporter Shi Rong‘s email was referenced by both The Star and Globe and Mail today. (Good on them).

Again, the identify of the sender is unclear but all signs point to Shi’s aggrieved husband — we think he might be named Liu — who was unhappy with what he believed was his wife’s affair with Conservative MP Bob Dechert. You know the backstory by now.

I asked @I_Am_Chinadian to do his own translation, just for the record:


[TRANSLATION]  Rong’s husband discovered these problems, after many failed/unsuccessful persuasions to stop/end (it), thought about contacting Xinhua the employer who had sent her abroad, to express reaction to this situation. Shi Rong has been praised many times by the head office, while also facing the end of her term and related problems, for fear this will affect her future development/growth, actually called 911, using domestic violence as the crime to send her husband to jail, and a court case that lasted five months. What kind of woman is this? This kind of woman is very scary!

One thought on “That other Xinhua email

  1. Calling 911 to send an innocent male partner in life in jail has become lately a national sport in Canada. Under feminist guidance, legislator have adopted a «no fault » policy regarding spousal violence, though with a radical sexist twist : only women can apply!

    And the justice department, well aware of what’s going on, turn a blind eye and send to jail thousands of innocent men every year, in order to cover the misdeed and to avoid costly procedure against the faulty police and their accomplice the crown prosecutor and the complacent bonehead judge.

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