Karaoke and videotape: Chinese honey traps laid for MPs, staff, says Tory

On the subject of Chinese honey traps, consider the illuminating comments Conservative MP Rob Anders made last year in the Epoch Times, shortly after CSIS director Richard Fadden warned that foreign spies were courting Canadian politicians.

The comments seem particularly germane now that Anders’ caucus colleague, Mississauga-Erindale MP Bob Dechert, is under the microscope over his flirtatious relationship with a Xinhua News Agency columnist (see elsewhere on afewtastefulsnaps.net, ad infinitum)

I have pulled the highlights of Anders’ quotes from the Epoch Times piece.

“The reach is deep, and it’s very unfortunate.”

“I would argue that I’ve seen things happen on a federal level as well in our own government. And so I think there’s a lot more than he has even mentioned.”

“I think that Mr. Fadden only gingerly scratched the surface. I feel for him that he was dragged before an investigative committee with parliament, to have to explain, and I think that this situation is far worse that what he let on.”

“What will happen is MPs are given five-star treatment when they go to China, and they’re being introduced to young people who speak immaculate English … and given the impression that China wants to be just like Canada.”

“They get approached by people who offer them business deals that frankly are too good to be true, because these are deals that are being set up by the Communist Party, and are being done as an informal way to bribe Western politicians, because it sounds like a business deal, but they are business deals that never fail, and are very lucrative.”

“I’ve seen a lot with my own eyes…. It is so very troubling for me to see that.”

“I have heard of ministerial staffers who have been invited out to karaoke events… They’ll have a couple of girls who will say, ‘How long are you in town for? Maybe you’d like to have some fun. Maybe you’d like to go out for dinner. Maybe you’d like to go karaoke.’ And they work these guys, they put some alcohol in them, and then, pretty soon, one thing leads to another. And you know, they can video tape these types of things.”


A few cautions here: Neither Anders nor the Epoch Times are particularly friendly to the Chinese government.  Anders once wore a “Free Tibet” shirt to a reception for Chinese officials on Parliament Hill. The Epoch Times is part of the Falun Gong-linked media empire that rails against the Communist Party of China.




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