Nycole Turmel also gave to… (surprise) the NDP

Much excitement today about interim NDP leader Nycole Turmel’s past dalliance with the Bloc Quebecois. Daniel LeBlanc reports in the Globe and Mail today that Turmel was a party member and made four donations to the separatist party totalling $235 over a five-year period. She quit the party shortly before she declared as the NDP candidate in Hull-Aylmer, LeBlanc reports.

Not mentioned in the hub-hub was that Turmel also gave to the New Democrats back as early as 2004 (an election year), according a quickie search of Elections Canada records. (My version of the data goes back only to that year — she may donated earlier, too.)

Her donations:

April 26, 2004: $136 to NDP (federal party)
May 31, 2004: $100 to NDP (federal party)
June 25, 2004: $25 to NDP (federal party)
Dec. 31, 2004: $10 to NDP (federal party)
Dec. 31, 2004: $210 to Hull–Aylmer Federal NDP Riding Association

3 thoughts on “Nycole Turmel also gave to… (surprise) the NDP

  1. Why does this surprise anyone? Leftists are leftists. There are no morals or principles; your cause is so “righteous” that the end justifies any means and that includes siding with the enemies of your country. I expect nothing better for any member of the NDP.

  2. No one cares about this unless they work on the Hill. Most see this as a non story on a slow news day. It does interest political junkies like myself as it adds a new wrinkle to an already mussed up NDP Quebec caucus. I think Jack and friends are playing with fire here but have little choice. How do you walk the tightrope between federalist Canada and seemingly separatist Quebec as you can’t satisfy one without alienating the other. The NDP has never had to play this game before and it will be fun to watch to see if they can do it. Much will hinge on Jack’s health as he is the glue that keeps the whole thing going.

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