Oh, yeah, I’m a Liberal shill

Cabinet ministers’ aides lend a hand to Mahoney campaign: Liberal political staffer met riding residents offices
Thu Nov 24 2005

Liberals plan tougher rules for lobbyists: Opposition calls last-minute proposals ‘ fraud on public’
Thu Nov 24 2005

Top librarian wins approval; has ties to PM: Veteran Parliament Hill researcher edited autobiography of Paul Martin Sr.
Wed Nov 23 2005

Liberals hire lobbyist to run their war room: Elections strategist claims working for PM not conflict of interest; parties prepare for vote
Wed Nov 16 2005

Liberal MP stars in video promoting: Scientology Controversial religion “not a cult”
Wed Oct 26 2005

Queen’s Park lobbyist ran Watson fundraiser
Mon Oct 24 2005

Lone lobbyist watchdog swamped by investigations: Bureaucrat pleads for more funding
Sat Oct 22 2005

Opposition wants Mahoney out of election: Liberal refuses to drop candidacy over satellite radio lobbying controversy
Thu Oct 20 2005

Mahoney’s mix-up: PM’s friend blames assistant’s error for failure to register as a lobbyist while helping satellite radio firm
Wed Oct 19 2005

Mahoney’s mix-up
Wed Oct 19 2005

Lobbyists need 2-year ‘cooling off’: Rule would avoid potential conflicts if they switch to politics: ethics watchdog
Wed Oct 12 2005

Mahoney registers to lobby for radio firm: PM’s friend failed to win election in Ottawa Centre
Tue Oct 11 2005

Latest scandal puts the heat on Crown agencies: Latest in string of embarrassments follows Martin’s vow to clean house
Thu Sep 29 2005

$10M in federal funds go to firm linked to PM: Earnscliffe has landed 269 jobs since Liberals took power in 1993
Wed Sep 28 2005

Paul Martin’s university girlfriend says he was ‘a wonderful young man’: The ‘unassuming’ man who would become prime minister kept mum about his family’s background
Fri Sep 23 2005

Old friend of PM’s senior adviser awarded top job in Justice Department
Wed Sep 7 2005

Paris-loving Pettigrew under fire for absences: Foreign Affairs minister keeps pied-a-terre in Montmartre
Mon Sep 5 2005

Audit woes prompt complaint to RCMP: Agency set up by Liberals was awash in irregularities
Sun Jul 17 2005

Former Tory researcher was behind request to see Chretien’s agendas: Court challenge forced identity to be revealed
Wed Jun 29 2005

An ad man’s getaway: Groupe Everest’s Claude Boulay retreats to a beachfront palace in Hilton Head
Sat May 7 2005

Taxpayers paid $4M for Montreal ‘moss art’ show: Chretien friend Corriveau wrote PM requesting funds
Sat Apr 23 2005

Martin refused to fire top aide over claims contracts were ‘rigged’: Ex-adviser to Chretien says he warned Martin about conflicts in ministry’s polling deals
Tue Apr 19 2005

MP quits Liberals over scandal: Devastating revelations at Gomery inquiry persuade Kilgour to sit as independentCiting unhappiness with the Liberal government on issues ranging from same
Wed Apr 13 2005

Quebecers looking for Mr. Clean: Analysts say Quebec voters could turn to the Conservative party in the next federal election as voters look to clean up the ethical ‘rot’ exposed by the Gomery inquiry
Wed Mar 9 2005

Forestry lobbyists hired to study lumber exports: Earnscliffe closely tied to PM; insists lobbying
Fri Sep 17 2004

Senator who touts private care owns health firm stock: Kirby traded shares
Fri Sep 10 2004

Ontario Liberals continue to charge foreign adoption fee: McGuinty once decried fee as ‘odious’ and ‘nothing more than a head tax
Wed Aug 11 2004

Housing minister owns shares in builder: Home-building firm pitching its technology for low-income units
Sun Aug 8 2004

New minister’s industry ties alarm critics: OSC reports cabinet rookie Emerson earned $1.3M on stock options; still holds that much in forestry giant
Thu Aug 5 2004

Lobbyist linked to winning simulator bid: Earnscliffe provided ‘general’ advice on controversial $270M flight-training deal
Sun May 16 2004

Martin uses private clinic: Payment a mix of medicare
Fri May 7 2004

Martin’s friend was lobbyist during $1.6B jet loan
Wed Apr 28 2004

PM’s office tried to influence contracts
Fri Apr 23 2004

Earnscliffe still wins big deals: Martin-linked firm landed $160
Thu Apr 22 2004

NDP urges Mahoney to cut links with investment firm: Federal aid sought for controversial Windsor tunnel plan
Wed Mar 3 2004

The people who know Martin best: Private sector interests turn to prime minister’s most trusted advisers to lobby government on their behalf
Mon Mar 1 2004

Lobbying firm tied to PM lands untendered deals: Earnscliffe Group got two contracts under $25
Thu Feb 26 2004

Panel urged to fix law on drugs for poor nations: Legal flaw could stall medicines: minister
Wed Feb 25 2004

The blame game begins: Copps says PM must admit he was part of the problem
Thu Feb 12 2004

Martin adviser switches back to lobbying: Strategist John Duffy now trying to influence government he worked for
Wed Feb 4 2004

Government paid Martin firm $161M
Thu Jan 29 2004

Martin-connected consulting firm gets $118
Fri Jan 16 2004

Good news for Canada’s Tories: You can keep your nickname “Red Tory”
Sat Nov 29 2003

Critics see conflict in Martin team: Ex-minister helps in power transfer while still employed as Rogers lobbyist
Fri Nov 28 2003

Chretien to keep security detail of Mounties during retirement: RCMP won’t say how many bodyguards he needs
Thu Nov 27 2003

Ex-Dhaliwal aide joins forestry lobby group
Fri Nov 21 2003

Lobbyist a key Martin adviser: Ethics counsellor sees no problem until transition officially under ways rule is
Sun Nov 2 2003

Liberals hid Martin deals
Wed Oct 22 2003

Rock grilled over loan to CSL firm: Opposition also questions propriety of Industry grants to Atlantic company
Thu Sep 25 2003

Martin denies intervention in Voyageur pension probe: Says Alliance claims of conflict of interest are unfounded
Fri Sep 19 2003

Voyageur Colonial pension plan won’t be reinvestigated: No evidence of political interference in firm co-owned by Martin
Thu Sep 18 2003

The halfway point: The pundits said the provincial election was Dalton McGuinty’s to lose.
Sat Sep 13 2003

Liberals choose ‘high road’ in TV ads: McGuinty refrains from attacking Eves
Sat Sep 6 2003

‘I want to win this election.’ So Watson hides his face
Fri Sep 5 2003

Ethics veteran criticizes Martin: Conflict over ownership of shipping firm remains
Sat Aug 30 2003

Martin moves CSL control to three sons: Critics say conflict questions remain despite transfer of shipping firm shares
Thu Aug 28 2003

Martin’s bus line sought to hide damning report: Trustee wanted regulators to amend report on collapse of Voyageur’s pension fund
Sun Aug 24 2003

Martin must respond to CSL allegations: MP: Shipping company reportedly rewarded political donations
Wed Jul 30 2003

Martin in clear on CSL conflict: Ethics counsellor says transfer to sons fills all requirements
Tue Jul 29 2003

Martin firm accused of rewarding donor: Fired worker made claim in lawsuit
Tue Jul 29 2003

Federal watchdog briefed Martin advisers on failure of his company’s pension plan
Sat Jul 26 2003

Bureaucrat gave firm peek at health report: Martin-connected consultants got early look at initial Romanow findings
Tue Jul 15 2003

Martin’s shipping firm $83M richer after liquidating pension fund surplus: Windfall likely to be reinvested in companys in the hands of lawyers and others expert in that matter
Sun Jul 13 2003

Lobby firm’s growth reflects Martin ties: Earnscliffe enjoys remarkable growth
Sat Jul 12 2003

Ethics chief clears Earnscliffe lobbyist: Wasn’t advocating policy when he wrote to Finance about saving Senators’s leadership aspirations.
Fri Jul 11 2003

Ethics czar probes letter to Martin on Senators tax deal
Fri Jul 4 2003

Tax loophole left open to appease business: Martin: Personal gain not the reason offshore profits tax-free
Fri Apr 4 2003

Opposition goes after Martin on tax havens: Explain loopholes
Thu Apr 3 2003

Paul Martin’s ‘family business’ is worth $690M
Sat Mar 8 2003

Paul Martin should pay for ethics review: critics: Taxpayers are on hook for new rules to help Liberal front-runner avoid conflicts-of-interest
Sat Mar 1 2003

Martin present for CSL funding talks: Liberal front-runner seeks new rules to avoid conflicts if he becomes PM
Thu Feb 27 2003

Alliance calls on Martin to sell his shipping company: Taxation legislation would have put him in conflict of interest
Wed Feb 26 2003

Conflict of interest loophole rooted in Tories’ troubles: Sinclair Stevens scandal gave Liberals forewarning of ethical pitfalls
Sat Feb 22 2003

Martin’s absence in House questioned: Alliance wonders if leadership hopeful dodging major issues
Fri Feb 21 2003

Clark questions Martin’s ‘seeing-eye’ blind trust
Tue Feb 18 2003

Martin’s firm linked to Suharto: CSL subsidiary ships coal to power plant partly owned by dictator’s son
Mon Feb 17 2003

Martin’s ‘holiday meetings’ draw fire: Liberal leadership frontrunner discussed business with chairman of shipping empire while in cabinet
Sat Dec 21 2002

Martin’s family ties to firm under fire: Conflict concerns raised by son’s high position in Liberal’s shipping empire
Thu Dec 12 2002

Airport security fee should be cut: transport panel: Committee fears similar cost overruns to gun registry
Thu Dec 12 2002

MP’s Arafat greeting card ‘outrageous’: Carignan says photo with Palestinian leader reflects desire for peace in Middle East
Thu Dec 5 2002

Transport officials stonewall senators: New safety measures for airlines
Thu Nov 28 2002

PM to escape fallout from probe of books: Access case pitting PM against info czar won’t be resolved until after he retires
Mon Oct 7 2002

PM to escape fallout from probe of books: Access case pitting PM against info czar won’t be resolved until after he retires
Mon Oct 7 2002

MP doesn’t know history: ex-U.S. envoy: Backbencher’s Pearl Harbor analogy won’t hurt Canada-U.S. relationship
Fri Oct 4 2002

Letter: MP’s Pearl Harbor quip shrugged off: Liberal backbencher doesn’t know her history
Fri Oct 4 2002

Column: Diplomats dressed to the nines: Foreign Affairs clothing expenses reveal some haute couture tastes
Sun Aug 25 2002

Liberal MP’s actions called ‘highly inappropriate’: Opposition wants RCMP to probe calls made by Blondin-Andrew about PM’s son’s assault case
Wed Jul 31 2002

Overhaul friendly-fire inquiry: MP: Contradiction between transcript
Sat Jul 20 2002

How the Liberals bought their way to victory in the East
Sat Jun 1 2002

‘It is time he moves on’: MPs outraged Eggleton gave contract to ex-girlfriend

Sun May 26 2002

PM’s ethics action plan ‘a PR ploy’: Chretien trying to take heat off Liberals
Fri May 24 2002

Advertising firm may lose key clientsLiberal connected
Sat Apr 6 2002

Officials refuse to give reason for secret expense accounts: Justice staffers say government policy won’t allow them to reveal legal opinions
Fri Mar 22 2002

Cabinet expenses no longer a secret: Chretien relents
Sat Mar 16 2002

Liberals block move to reveal cabinet expenses
Wed Feb 6 2002

Table expenses in House
Tue Feb 5 2002
Thu Jan 31 2002

Hiding cabinet expenses ‘unacceptable’: Liberal calls on minister to withdraw policy
Thu Jan 24 2002

Column: Writer gets big bucks to put words in Martin’s mouth tab.
Sun Nov 4 2001

Ethics watchdog warned senator CRTC testimony would be conflict: Mobina Jaffer sat on a Rogers television board before joining Senate
Fri Oct 26 2001

Ban PMO’s law firm from case
Fri Sep 7 2001

Senator’s media ties ‘troubling’: Position on board of Bell Globemedia is conflict of interest
Wed Sep 5 2001

PM’s lawyer `wants to hide information’: `Hired attack dog’ filed 15 lawsuits to stall Shawinigate probe
Wed May 30 2001

PM builds legal maze
Tue May 29 2001

No hecklers allowed at PM’s Open Mike debut
Wed May 16 2001

Manley asked to apologize for insulting: Armenians Community angry over glib response on genocide
Mon May 7 2001

Tories demand chopper sale details: Government refuses to disclose amount firm got to broker sale to Colombia
Tue Apr 17 2001

Patronage appointees to get hefty pay raises: Liberals sweeten paydays for faithful; Rates as high as $800 a day
Fri Apr 6 2001

Judge calls for inquiry into sale of shares: Ethics counsellor `couldn’t possibly be independent’: head of Sinclair Stevens probe
Tue Mar 27 2001

Tories attack sneak preview of budget: Conservative finance critic questions advantages given Martin-linked firm
Thu Mar 8 2001

Canada urged to block Colombian chopper deal
Wed Feb 28 2001

Firm with ties to Grits wins $1.3M deal: Company granted major contract just prior to election calls unveiling of the Liberal policy platform
Thu Nov 2 2000

HRDC continues to run partisan TV ads: Department denies political influence of spot highlighting parental leave
Wed Oct 25 2000

Liberals likely to lose Jewish vote
Tue Oct 24 2000

Martin drafted PS staff to trash flat tax: Finance minister used non-partisan staff to help discredit Alliance proposal
Fri Oct 20 2000

MPs demand `bully’ Robinson apologize to protesting priest: NDP member took sign he felt was offensivet apologize.” Liberal MP Dan McTeague also criticized Mr. Robinson
Fri Jan 14 2000


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