NDP MP shuts down his Hill office as staff work Ontario election

Don’t come knocking on Malcolm Allen‘s door until after October 6.

The NDP MP from Welland, Ont., has closed up his Parliament Hill office until after the Ontario provincial election. A note on the door refers visitors to his constituency office, which remains open.

Apparently, Allen’s Hill staffer, Rona Merritt, has taken leave to help out with the Ontario NDP campaign.


7 thoughts on “NDP MP shuts down his Hill office as staff work Ontario election

  1. Clearly, this is unacceptable. If he was my MP, I’d be upset. However, in today’s political environment, I expect no better.

    The key question, though: are taxpayers funding her work on the campaign, or has she taken a leave of absence?

  2. When it’s the Conservative MP, Del Mastro, posting a poll on his website about the Ontario election, all lefties go bananas and are outraged. But an NDP MP’s staff working for the Ontario NDP and closing the Parliament Hill office, paid for by taxpayers, seems to be fine with the NDP. How absolutely hypocritical is that? Thank God they don’t run the country. They’d shut Parliament every time there’s a provincial election!

  3. The truth is that the NDP, ahem, bend the rules. The NDP staff take “leave” but the leave is with pay, they frame it up as in “lieu” of overtime or some other lame excuse…..

  4. Of course one would make special reservations for any party on the left in this country. They ARE entitled to their entitlements “donchya know”?

  5. Here’s a better one. Senator Fabian Manning resigns from the Senate on day 3 of the Federal Election. His staff get fully funded severance pay from the taxpayers to work on the election. Senator Manning loses the election. Gets put back in the Senate and hires his staff back.

    Essentially a 6 week taxpayer funded vacation.

  6. At least she had the integrity to write and post the note. Ask how many staffers are using House resources and time to work the election on all sides.

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