Voice of the common man: Sun readers comment on Caribbean festival shooting

A Toronto Sun story on a fatal shooting at Caribana a Caribbean festival has brought out the troglodytes among their readership. None of that elitist opinion you find in the consensus media here.

A selection of the comments posted:

“most “white ” poeple don’t do these things sorry , i live in the Jane & Finch area …. all blacks ….hispanics … same shit ….. they all collect welfare , have their kids, cant feed them cause their on “CRACK” ….. or out pippin their whores ,buying guns …. Grow up … its a fact ”

“1 in a million will you find a GOOD BLACK man.One that has respect for himself , family & wants better for his future.I know i’m BLACK …… living in a dump of an area ….. I would never DATE a black man … especially from my area … The government needs to rebuild these pockets of  the poor “ghetto” put better housing & jobs …. & get this niggers off the street.”

“Let’s all take off our hats to these low life, black, trigger happy animals for without whom our jails would be bulging at the seams with themselves if they didn’t make such an honest effort at population control among their species”

“A low level air strike would do more for urban renewal than any afrocentric school ever will.”

“Remember what the WOPS did in the 50’s?.. the black crime will eventually be obsolete..
you watch… Besides that the Tri-ads are too busy bringing in a metric ton of Heroin into Toronto.. they got no time for  Jerk Chicken”

“The “Normal” people who attend put their lives at risk …for what ..”to jump up & down” like monkeys ? Really is it worth it ? Keep this event in the caribbean, thats where it belongs  …”

“Carribana is a breeding ground for crime.  It attracts black people with previous criminal history, they carry guns into these events and conduct “business” among the crowds.”

“These people are animals. They have no souls. Violence is the only language they know. Our government is responsible for allowing these animals to run free. They are rarely punished for their deeds but among themselves they do a better job of eliminating each other than a Nazi death squad….”

6 thoughts on “Voice of the common man: Sun readers comment on Caribbean festival shooting

  1. Strangely, this makes me feel pretty good.

    My own pet issue is bike lobbying, and the anti-cycling, ill-informed remarks really irritate me. Seeing naive, baseless and inarticulate comments on other topics makes me realize that this attitude is not limited to just bike politics.

  2. These comments are especially ironic given that it was the police who shot the 2 innocent bystanders.

  3. It would be interesting if there was a point to any of your blog posts. The point of this one seems to be “look-at-the-uneducated-racist-idiots”. Feeling smug?

    1. Shining a light on intolerance isn’t a worthwhile endeavour?

      Perhaps the Sun’s editors should police their comments sections to head off such bigoted vitriol. Or maybe that’s too “politically correct” for the audience they’re striving to attract.

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