Sun Media owner happy to take government hand-outs

Sun Media has recently been hammering away at the old tabloid stalking horse, arts funding. The highlight of the coverage has been Krista Erickson’s hysterical (I mean that in both ways) interview with interpretative dancer Margie Gillis, which is worth watching in its jaw-dropping, 21-minute entirety.

Not mentioned in the hours of airtime devoted to ridiculing government funding for the  arts is the fact that Sun Media’s owner, Quebecor Inc., is not shy about taking government hand-outs of its own, viz: money channeled to magazine publishers under the Canadian Periodical Fund.

A list of Quebecor properties and the commensurate amount they received from taxpayers for 2010-11, via the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Chez Soi: $487, 735
Cool: $191.136
7 Jours: $327,160
TV Hebdo: $1,157,100
TV Hebdo Teleromans: $8,480
Les idees de ma maison: $376,943
Clin d’oeil: $480,749
Cote Jardins: $33,678
Derniere Heure: $154,966
Echoes Vedettes: $188,704
Le Lundi: $376,018
Moi & Cie: $7,947
Tout simplement Clodine: $99,489
Clodine Hors serie: $4,366

TOTAL $3.7 million.

3 thoughts on “Sun Media owner happy to take government hand-outs

    1. Hah, considering govt expenditures last year were a mere $280 billion, media companies are doing pretty well for themselves then.

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