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An email I received tonight from the hacker(s) who infiltrated the Conservative Party website and posted 5,600 names and emails of party donors:

—— ch
Sorry for the slow reply.

We are in no way affiliated with the Sony/Nintendo hacks.
Relating the conservative hack to them is just a way to make it not
seem so unreasonable that they got hacked. The truth is that the
conservative hack was WAY easier than it should have been for a
site of this size and caliber.

As we aren’t planning on releasing any more of peoples information,
we don’t have an exact count on the dump excluding duplicates. It
was much bigger than that which was posted today, by a factor of
probably 15x or more.

The conservatives are correct in posting which information we have,
after finally admitting that we have it. None of the private info
will be released, and if there were in fact credit cards, we would
not be releasing them either.

We did not remove the list this morning, and we can only assume
that pastebin had it removed after a request from the government.
There is no point in re posting it, as the only reason for it was
proof that we did in fact access it.

Your Online Entertainment,

One thought on “Statement from LulzRaft

  1. Personally I am fed up with all of the LIberal drama. I sent a small
    donation to the Federal Conservative Party and I voted for them. I am tired of all the
    government unions, the Teachers Union in Ontario and Opseu.

    I have been married to my husband for 33 years, he is fortunate to have been with the
    same company for 32 years. He does not get to accumulate sick days, gets 6 per
    annum that have to be used there is no luxury to carry over.

    We don’t trot off to a cottage on Lake Rosseau as some teachers may for a 6 week
    retreat. (It is time to revoke an 8 week summer vacation and break it down to a week
    per month they should try being real people in the employment world).

    I started working when my last child went to school full time, unfortunately with
    economies over the years I have been laid off more and had to reinvent myself continually

    Do not get me wrong I do not begrudge certain unions; Police, Firefighters and Nurses
    the real front line workers.

    It is time to slap down the others, cut their pay and benefits. Their demands are starting
    to turn rank as did the garbage strike in Toronto, the summer of 2010.

    Our family has experienced double the charges in electricity over the last 2 years in
    Ontario, as well as natural gas heating. We recently found out in the land of Mississauga
    that our smart meters are not online. Our dishwasher is not put on until midnight and is
    used every other day, laundry is done on weekends and batch cooking that is frozen for
    use throughout the week. Lights are always turned out in rooms not in use. Why do we
    do this for conservation and what we thought was a reduction in our electricity pricing,
    that is not working. We have been doing this since the early 1980’s it is common sense.

    My children have all had part time jobs and paid for their own education, Mom and Dad
    did not work for a cushy university where if they do kids get their education free and party
    on Lake Rosseau.

    I am tired of spoiled little brats and the philisophical professors in their Roots wear
    telling me as a Canadian how to vote and fear the Horrible Conservative.

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