I want you…. to want me

Following the success of a similar Twitter rage in last fall’s municipal elections, the hashtag #iwantaPMwho is getting some traction today. Tweeps are using it to post what they see as job requirement for the position. A few recent entries:

@HelloKaitlin: #iwantaPMwho prioritizes the environment & will move Canada into a role of leadership & collaboration on the international stage

@jovanevery: #IwantaPMwho cares about citizens more than taxpayers.

@hotelqueen: #iwantaPMwho offers choice in education and who values the work of stay at home parents

@aidanwhiteley: #iwantaPMwho sings the blues. #iwantaPMwho wears classy shoes. #iwantaPMwho penned jacob two-two. #iwantaPMwho ain’t no flooze.

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