Mercedes hits Sun TV off-ramp

Just a week before its scheduled launch comes word that Sun News Network has parted ways with Mercedes Stephenson, who was to co-host The Daily Brief with the Sun’s parliamentary bureau chief, David Akin.

Stephenson was pitched as the network’s defence specialist.

Details of her departure are fuzzy. Stephenson says she cannot comment, other than to say, “We mutually parted ways because it wasn’t a great fit. I wish them well.” She says she plans to go back to school and finish some academic work

The network was quick to sanitize its promotional material of any reference to Stephenson. Her name vanished yesterday from the list of on-air talent and the elaborate promotional video in which she appeared wearing a camouflage flak jacket and helmet has been edited to exclude her.

Archived versions of the video were pulled off YouTube.

It appears Akin will host the daily show himself.

3 thoughts on “Mercedes hits Sun TV off-ramp

  1. I was very sorry and surprised to read that Mercedes Stephenson will not be a co-host on the new Sun News Network. I ‘ve watched her as a sometime guest on the Michael Coren show and was impressed with her intelligence and insights. I would hope she will eventualy appear on het new network in the future.

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