Pawlenty of similarities to new Tory ad

This is going all over Twitter today but worth posting here.

The Liberal war room posted a video comparing the new Conservative Party ad with a spot for putative 2012 U.S. Republican presidential contender Tim Pawlenty.

Both are amazingly slick and well produced and terrific pieces of political communication.

One thought on “Pawlenty of similarities to new Tory ad

  1. Very similar structure, but Pawlenty’s is about 1000 percent better.

    Not a surprise that the CPC would mimic a US political ad. Most of their staffers come down here to Washington to learn at the feet of the masters, in the AEI or the Heritage Foundation. They go home as excited as kids who had the chance to pass pucks with an NHL player for a few minutes – it shapes the rest of their lives.

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