Signs vandalized in downtown Montreal

I’m not sure if other candidates’ signs were similarly targetted, but in Montreal last night, I noticed Marc Garneau signs with a vaguely unsettling red marks painted on his forehead.

The splotch looks a bit like it was made by a paintball round.

Sign vandalism is an unattractive part of nearly every election campaign. In the first week of this campaign, Nepean-Carleton Liberal candidate Ryan Keon’s signs were embellished with spray-painted targets over his face. There have also been reports of vandalism of Conservative candidate’s signs in the Ottawa area.

Rarely, of course, are other competing campaigns to blame for the vandalism.

UPDATE: A reader writes to say that other candidates’ signs near Place des Arts were vandalized in the same way. As well, in Jeanne Le Ber, Bloc and Liberal candidates’ signs were appended with Hitler moustaches, the reader says. Signs for Liberal Mark Bruneau were  altered to change his name to “Marc.”

FURTHER UPDATE: A photo submission from the NDP war room, showing the sign for Jeff Itcush, candidate in Mount Royal. Itcush is Jewish. The picture was taken four days ago.

One thought on “Signs vandalized in downtown Montreal

  1. I have never watched Harper on TV for more than 5 or 10 seconds until the 2011 debates.

    I couldn’t believe it! He’s actually enjoying lying to us on national TV, just like Paul Ekman’s description of Philby’s lying smirk in Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink”. Harper lacks Phiby’s skill; he can’t control his “duping delight” he smirks and smiles contemptuously because he thinks he’s fooling us and he just loves it!

    It gets worse, it’s the trait of a con artist with no scruples.

    And much worse: “Never, ever, has someone who displayed these traits been a leader with the intention of doing something good”.

    About 40% of Canadians continue to be fooled by him. Those are the ones he’s laughing at when he tells a lie that they believe and he’s laughing at all of us whenever he speaks of a majority “Harper” Government. Just watch the video!

    All Canadians need to understand that, currently, Harper is by far the most important issue in this election.

    Here’s what I can’t figure out: With all the Canadians who have read “Blink” and have been watching Harper for years how can the debate headline possibly be “Harper keeps his cool”?

    One last observation, in the CPC spot, Harper begins with “Canada is and always has been our country”.

    OK, you can breathe again now. But get to work on this – please.

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