“All the single ladies (and gents)”

As long as I have lived in Ottawa, I have had cab drivers tell me there are three single women for every single man living here.

The theory was that women are massively overrepresented in the public service. It is true there are more women than men working in the federal government, but nowhere near three times as many.

As for their marital status, can’t really say but if you’re looking for love on Valentine’s Day, best to go west, young wo/man.

Skiing spots Banff and Whistler boast the highest Indigenous populations of singletons.

There’s always Iqaluit, too, but, well, y’know…. it’s Iqaluit.

Vancouver is the big surprise entry here in 2006 census data from Statistics Canada (percentage of population over 15 years of age who have never married).

Canada 27.6 %
Banff (Alta.) 45.3
Whistler (B.C.) 44.7
Iqaluit (Nvt.) 40.1
Vancouver (B.C.) 36.2
Montréal (Que.) 35.8
Victoria (B.C.) 34.6
Greater Vancouver A (B.C.) 34.6
Lloydminster (Part) (Sask.) 33.9
St. John’s (N.L.) 33.8
Joliette (Que.) 33.4
Shippagan (N.B.) 33.2
Yellowknife (N.W.T.) 33.2
Saskatoon (Sask.) 32.8
Toronto (Ont.) 32.5
Charlottetown (P.E.I.) 32.5
Thompson (Man.) 32.2
Edmonton (Alta.) 32.1
Whitehorse (Y.T.) 31.8
Nicolet (Que.) 31.7
Québec (Que.) 31.4
Regina (Sask.) 31.3
Inverness, Subd. B (N.S.) 31.2
Slave Lake (Alta.) 31
Prince Albert (Sask.) 31
Burnaby (B.C.) 30.9
Nelson (B.C.) 30.8
Grande Prairie (Alta.) 30.7
Red Deer (Alta.) 30.6
Sherbrooke (Que.) 30.6
Prince Rupert (B.C.) 30.6
The Pas (Man.) 30.5
Longueuil (Que.) 30.5
Winnipeg (Man.) 30.5
Westmount (Que.) 30.4
Baie-Saint-Paul (Que.) 30.3
North Vancouver (B.C.) 30.3
Alnwick (N.B.) 30.2
Saint John (N.B.) 30.2
Fredericton (N.B.) 30.1
Campbellton (N.B.) 30.1
Waterloo (Ont.) 30
Big Lakes (Alta.) 30
Wood Buffalo (Alta.) 30
Ottawa (Ont.) 29.9
Calgary (Alta.) 29.9
Fort St. John (B.C.) 29.9
Moncton (N.B.) 29.8
Rimouski (Que.) 29.6
Windsor (Ont.) 29.6
North Battleford (Sask.) 29.6


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